Respect and protection of your private life

We are conscious of the questions raised relating to the circulation of personal information on the internet and we would like to collaborate with you in order to ensure the protection and respect of your private life. For this reason, we would like to explain the type of information that we collect when you visit and also when, why and how we collect this information. We ask you to please take the time to carefully read through the following lines and refer back to them periodically to take note of any changes that may be made. Rest assured that information is not collected without your consent. 

Data collection and process of personal information


Under certain, very particular circumstances, be it when subscribing to our customised services, e-mails and online contests, it is required that you submit your name, address, e-mail address and certain other information in a form displayed on your screen. When we request this type of information, you are always warned ahead of time and you are informed that you are submitting information to us that will be treated, i.e. the information will be the subject of a series of operations relating to data collection, saving, production, modification, conservation and destruction. As much as possible, we will provide you with the means of verifying that your personal information is correct and current. Furthermore, we sometimes ask in such forms whether you are interested in obtaining information on other services, competions or news items relating to us or our partners. You will always have the choice of declining this request or ceasing your subscription to a previously selected customised service. 


Collection of this information allows us to give your needs a more pertinent service, to contact you if you win a prize and, if you have indicated the desire to, to send you information by email from time to time.

For who?

It is important to precise here that our advertisers, other clients or partners never have access to the information that concerns you. Only we have access to the personal information that you will have submitted to us. If information were to be requested of you for another reason, you would automatically and specifically be warned at the time when this information is requested of you.

No personal information will be made available to third parties without your explicit and prior authorisation. We do not publish user lists. Furthermore, we would like to let you know that all personal information gathered is saved in areas inaccessible to the public.

Despite the preceding, at all times you have the opportunity to ask us not to use or to cease using your personal information by sending us your instructions by e-mail.

In summary, the only situations in which we may divulge personal information relating to you are the following: on demand by a legal authority or in good faith when considered that this action is required (a) to comply with any applicable law or regulation, or to intervene in a trial against us; (b) to protect or defend our rights, our goods or our users; and (c) to intervene, in extreme circumstances, with the purpose of protecting the personal safety or our users or the public. 

Be vigilent

Our portal contains links to websites managed by third-parties; these links are suggested to you only for your amenity. Engaging any such links results in your leaving our site. Note that we have no control over these third-party sites; the fact that these sites are listed on our own site does not attract our liability or responsibility in any way. In this manner, any personal information that you provide through sites other than ours will necessarily be subjected to the personal information protection policies of these other sites. In such cases, we may never be held responsible for any resulting abuse. We therefore recommend that you carefully examine the personal information protection policies of these other sites.

Equally, keep in mind that the voluntary broadcast of personal information in chat sessions, by email or on online bulletin boards are not covered by the present policy relating to the protection of your private life; you must therefore always be prudent when you submit information in these manners. You submit the information at your own risk. This information may be collected and used by third parties without any prior consent from you. In summary, if you publish personal information online and this information is publicly available, you risk eventually receiving unsollicited messages from third parties. We free ourselves from any responsibility relating to this. At all times, we advise that you remain prudent and attentive when you are online on the internet. 

Confidentiality rules

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